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ere Fletcher, Esq., Counselor at Law

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Jere Fletcher, Esq., Counselor at Law

Jere Fletcher has a broad range of experience including trials, appeals, and transaction or document work (wills, leases, contracts, incorporation, real estate, etc.). Fletcher believes that his experience with both court work and the creation of documents and organizations (incorporation, LLC) helps his understanding of how they can play out when a problem may arise, and his ability to help you.

Fletcher’s colleagues have rated him highly in Martindale-Hubbell for decades.


Fletcher has been admitted to the bar to practice law in the States of New York and Connecticut (but is no longer active in Connecticut). He has also been admitted to practice in six federal district courts, and three bankruptcy courts. He currently has an active federal admission in the U.S. District Western New York where his practice is. He is a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court.

He served as a trainer in a public utility law support center in Albany, N.Y. (“PULP”), and since then for the Monroe County Bar Association (MCBA) and the National Business Institute (NBI).

He has spoken at various local health care and community agencies, explaining the disability or liability processes. He has presented to nurses, about 120 at one time, chiropractors, and at a healthcare conference. 

Fletcher is a past chair of the MCBA’s Disability Labor & Employment Law Committee, and served on its Public Education Committee and the Academy of Law. He has continued his teaching in talks with medical students about non-medical aspects of the profession, such as record keeping and patient interactions.

New York State Bar Association General Practice Section


Law is a human relations business:  Avoiding or minimizing disputes before they happen (such as by contracts, agreements, wills, incorporation and LLC formation), and resolving them through the courts when they do.

An increasing number of us who practice law see alternative dispute resolution and collaborative law as an option to a traditional, strictly adversarial approach. Emotionally tense, stressful situations do not need gasoline poured on the fire. 

Fletcher has worked with people and gotten successful results, favorable decisions when others have turned the case away or said there is no case.


New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) including committee memberships.

Monroe County Bar Association (MCBA) including committee memberships. For five years, Fletcher produced a televised segment of the MCBA’s People’s Law School.

National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR).


While at PULP, Fletcher did ground-breaking research that provided the legal basis for a confidential computer matching program between NYNEX (N.Y. Telephone) and the N.Y.S. Department of Social Services concerning the telephone Life Line low income rate program.
It has been in effect since 1995. He then helped negotiate and draft the agreement between the two.

Past practice areas have included: general business matters, business and non-profit incorporations, consumer bankruptcies, and utility service issues.

At one time an elected justice of the peace, Fletcher is ordained to perform non-denominational marriage ceremonies.


This office charges a fair fee for value and work product.  A creative or flexible fee arrangement may sometimes be used. Generally, fees are either hourly or flat rate, or a combination of the two. 

A contingency fee applies to Social Security cases only and no others. Social Security cases are regulated by law and the same arrangement applies to everyone, all private attorney representatives.

Eviction and traffic court cases are based on the number of appearances, out of court preparation, and reflect an element of time.

Wills, contracts, and documents may be flat fee, hourly, or hybrid.

Expenses and disbursements, if any, are always separate, additional to services for time. Examples of expenses and disbursements may include court fees, filing costs, messenger service, overnight delivery charges, title searches and surveys.


Jere Fletcher has long been active with a number of community organizations and not-for-profits.

He has incorporated or advised a number of non-profits. 

Since 2000, he was elected to serve four terms on the board of directors of the Rochester Hispanic Business Association, and for most of those years served as its corporate secretary. 

For over three years, Fletcher chaired the board of Borinquen Dance Theatre, which trains young students in the discipline of dance and helps them succeed in their education.  He has also been a long-time supporter and advisor to Latinas Unidas and received their Amigo Award.

Fletcher is also a member of the local Artist’s Breakfast Group and serves as its treasurer.

He was an early supporter of the Rochester International Jazz Festival, working for its success. 

For over 20 years, he was a member of the local affiliate of a national, non-partisan foreign policy organization.

Jere Fletcher, Board of Directors, Rochester Hispanic Business Association
Jere Fletcher and poet Richard Garcia

Fletcher, Member of the Board of Directors, Rochester Hispanic Business Association

Jere Fletcher and poet Richard Garcia

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